Our Projects

Tirana Agricultural Aggregator

The Municipality of Tirana intended to invest in the construction of a large Agriculture Aggregator to collect products of the farmers of rural Tirana and, at the same time, serve as a wholesale market for the many supermarkets, hotels and restaurants of the capital. The project would cover a surface of 55,000 m2 to be transformed into a real agriculture hub consisting of selling stations, storehouses, parking spaces, offices, cafes and restaurants as well as many other public spaces. Our consultancy work include:

  • Feasibility Study
  • Business Plan
  • Detailed Design
  • Environmental Impact Assessment
  • Project Management


Zagroturizëm is a luxurious agritourism located in the heart of the mountains of Zagoria Valley in Southern Albania. The project combines accommodation with wine production and offers its guests the unique opportunity to explore southern Albanian traditions and its mysterious past. Our consultancy services for the client included:

  • Project concept
  • Feasibility Study
  • Business Plang
  • Financing Plan
  • Environemntal Impact Assessment
  • Land Easement and Acquisition
  • Assistance in applying for the Strategic Investment Status

FAM Tour “Ride the Best Sceneries in the Western Balkans

The Triple P Tourism in SEE: Promotion, Policy and Pilots project (Triple P project) was a three year effort implemented by the Regional Cooperation Council and funded by the EU. The Triple P project worked to create joint and internationally competitive cultural and adventure tourism offers in the six Western Balkans (WB6) economies with the goal to attract more tourists to the region, lengthen their stay, and, in final instance, increase revenue and contribute to growth and employment. The FAM Tour ‘Ride of the best sceneries in the Western Balkans’- cross-border mountain biking week in Albania – Kosovo – Montenegro, is part of the Via Dinarica mega trail. The tour offers a unique biking experience through unexplored pristine mountains, fascinating valleys, alpine pastures and UNESCO World Heritage sites. The objective was to promote this particular section of the Via Dinarica through the participation of regional tour operators and media outlets, with the aim of establishing a joint regional adventure tourism package in the Western Balkans.