Adriatica RC is a consulting firm with a deep focus professional services in several areas of expertise.

About The Company

Adriatica RC is a consulting firm with a deep focus on qualitative and quantitative analysis
We partner with our clients to share their ambitions, deeply understand their organizations, identify their main problems and challenges and provide technical solutions that are adaptable, feasible and profitable. With deep structured knowledge of the Albanian economy, its policy and legal framework as well as its

Areas of Expertise

Business & Management
Adriatica RC offers a wide and diverse expertise for business and corporations operating in a wide range of sectors. Our core experts have an extensive experience in top management positions of large companies and have successfully managed to offer consultancy services to both foreign and national investors.
  • Business plans
  • Growing strategies
  • Company re-structuring
Public Policy
Our team of experts possesses an extensive experience in drafting public policies and pushing them through government and legislative processes, while also advising policymakers in undertaking their responsibilities by providing counsel leading to policy initiatives, planning, strategies and resources decisions. With a diverse and multifaceted expertise, our consultants have been intrinsically involved and played a leading role in drafting and concluding a plethora of policy initiatives such as the Albanian pension reform, Tirana’s masterplan, the Albanian cryptocurrency regulatory framework, important amendments to the Albanian land administration system, establishing Tirana’s Technological Economic Development Zones etc.
  • Policy-Making
  • Lobbying
  • Strategic Planning
Energy & Environment
The energy sector has always been one of the main attractions for foreign investments in Albania, with yet unexploited potential in the renewables and oil extracting industry. On the other hand, ensuring sustainable development for the environment and local communities it’s at the core of our company values. Our team of experts has a vast and diverse expertise in the inception, preparation and management of energy projects.
  • Preparation of Feasibility Studies for energy projects
  • Permitting and Licensing
  • Preparation and implementation of Stakeholder Engagement Plans
Albania ́s agriculture sector is showing its first signs of revitalization since the fall of communism. Exports of fruits and vegetables have started to reach the European markets, while the food-processing industry it’s in its initial steps. We employ a team of experts that have a deep understanding of the Albanian agriculture sector and with first-hand know-how of its main bottle-necks for the entire chain of production.
  • Market Surveys, Business Plans and Feasibility Studies for the development of agriculture farms or food processing plantations
  • Preparation of applications for IPARD and the national subsidies schemes.
Tourism is Albania ́s fastest growing business sector, with an increase of the total number of tourists by more than half a million each year and managing to attract the world’s biggest brands in the hotel industry. With extensive knowledge of the tourism industry, its potentials and its weaknesses, our team of experts has an overwhelming experience working for both the public and the private sectors.
  • Preparation of Tourism development strategies and action plans
  • Business surveys and feasibility studies for development of tourism infrastructure
  • Market surveys, concept development and business plans for hotels and other accommodation structures
Legal and Regulatory Compliance
Stemming from a common law legal background while also having an extensive comprehension and experience with the Albanian civil law system, our team of legal experts provides an impeccable mixture of legal knowledge, designed to accommodate the needs of international investors wishing to invest in Albania and beyond. The vast and diverse experience of our team in senior positions within the Albanian central and local government apparatus allows for a smooth understanding of procedural matters and policy issues, thereby providing the much needed link between efficiently handling investor requests while consciously dealing with the structural issues within the Albanian public administration.
  • Licensing
  • Permitting
  • Commercial Law Services

Case Studies


Merger of two state-owned enterprises

Student University Residences No. 1 and No. 2 were two state-owned enterprises which were responsible for the administration of accommodation for the students of the University of Tirana, the Polytechnic University of Tirana and the Agricultural University of Tirana.   As both enterprises have the same functions and provide the same services, Adriatica RC was […]


Tirana´s Parking Strategy

Tirana Parking is an Agency of the Municipality of Tirana which is responsible for the administration of public parking in the city of Tirana. As a city that was designed and took its initial shape during communism in a time when there were no cars and transport was not an issue, the move towards a […]


Veranda Resort & Casino

Located in Rana e Hedhun, one of the most unique beaches of the Adriatic, Veranda is a large tourism development complex including a five-star hotel, a luxurious casino, a pier as well as residences of several typologies. The combination of unique designing with stunning landscape of Rana e Hedhur will transform Veranda in a reference […]


Stone-Beach Resort

Located on the emerald waters of the Ionian Sea, in Qeparo, Stone Beach Resort is a luxurious hotel which will provide to visitors with the highest quality services. The property comprises approximately 200 accommodation units which are scattered into the area as an ode to the traditional architecture of Southern Albania. The hotel includes several […]


Turquoise Marina

Turquoise Marina is a large development multi-use project located in the exclusive Lalëzi area near Durrës. The upcoming tourism gem of the Adriatic consists of a luxurious 5 star hotel, more than 500 villas/apartments, the first in-land yacht marina in the country, the largest aqua park, and many other facilities such as restaurants, bars, swimming […]


Monastir Bay

Located in the mesmerizing coastline of Saranda, Monastir Bay constitutes one of the largest tourism and residential projects in the region. Comprising a total area of more than 70 hectars the project included the construction of two hotels, villas and apartments, yacht marinas as well as several other business and recreational facilities. This investment will […]


FAM Tour “Ride the Best Sceneries in the Western Balkans

The Triple P Tourism in SEE: Promotion, Policy and Pilots project (Triple P project) was a three year effort implemented by the Regional Cooperation Council and funded by the EU. The Triple P project worked to create joint and internationally competitive cultural and adventure tourism offers in the six Western Balkans (WB6) economies with the […]



Zagroturizëm is a luxurious agritourism located in the heart of the mountains of Zagoria Valley in Southern Albania. The project combines accommodation with wine production and offers its guests the unique opportunity to explore southern Albanian traditions and its mysterious past. Our consultancy services for the client included:


Tirana Agricultural Aggregator

The Municipality of Tirana intended to invest in the construction of a large Agriculture Aggregator to collect products of the farmers of rural Tirana and, at the same time, serve as a wholesale market for the many supermarkets, hotels and restaurants of the capital. The project would cover a surface of 55,000 m2 to be […]

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