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Tirana´s Parking Strategy

Tirana Parking is an Agency of the Municipality of Tirana which is responsible for the administration of public parking in the city of Tirana. As a city that was designed and took its initial shape during communism in a time when there were no cars and transport was not an issue, the move towards a free market economy was accompanied with important challenges as regards traffic, transport and parking. Over the years, Tirana has had several strategies on urban development, traffic and transportation but this document constitutes the first one focused only on parking.

With the general aim to improve access to public parking and introduce the usage of information technologies, the Strategy begins with the identification of demand and supply of parking spots: the territorial distribution of cars, people and parking spots were used as a starting point to which was added the traffic analysis of source and destination. The Analysis of the Current Conditions additionally identified problems and challenges. The strategy then states the strategic objectives as well as several activities which propose policy as well as infrastructure measures. The Strategy is equipped also with an Action Plan, a Capital Investment Plan as well as a Monitoring Plan.

An important part of the project was also the financial consolidation of Tirana Parking. As a result, a Business Plan of the Agency was prepared which included identification of possible sources of revenues, analysis of tariffs, demand and supply, analysis of different organizational structures, etc.

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